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Nothing promotes or assists inspiration like realizing things you did not know you did not knew. A fine meal is not only energy for the brain, it is also the informal rendezvous for thoughts and ideas.

Our kitchen manager and chef, Peter Andreas Ingeberg, draws on a long experience in composing meals for any given function to make meal and function play together to mutual enhancement – be it sandwiches for a workshop or a five course menu for a board meeting, or even life-saving snacks to keep presence of mind through an intense day.

We have several suppliers not only of produce for the kitchen, but also of the coffee, tea, fruit and wine that you and your guests enjoy during the day. Common to them is quality and freshness and if at all possible, they will be organic. So for instance we have created our own coffee with notes of chocolate, and have delicate tea from Sing Tehus.

The kitchen manager and chef at Mogens Dahl Concert Hall is Peter Andreas Ingeberg. Peter is a trained both waiter and sommelier, and has worked with, among others, Erwin Lauterbach, Roy Hurtigkarl and Bo Jacobsen. Peter has not only won his spurs as chef and entrepreneur in Copenhagen restaurants, he is also a writer and in-house cook at the food magazine Castro.

To Peter Danish produce of high quality and preferably organic or bio-dynamic is a prerequisite in his menu compositions.

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