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Composer in residence: Sven-David Sandström

A collaboration between Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir and the Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström on Nordic Mass, which was premiered at The Bergen International Festival in 2014 and since has been released on CD, will now continue in 2015/16 with several major projects.

The choral suite ‘Hvor er så dejligt som Din klode’ will be premiered in 2015 and in the spring of 2016 composer and choir present a groundbreaking ‘Passion of John’ with concerts in Germany, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

The common concern for choir and composer is a focus on the universe of the Nordic mind and a willingness to challenge conventional notions of the possibilities of vocal music.

Sven-David Sandström

Sven-David Sandström from Sweden is a prominent composer committed to furthering and renewing the Nordic vocal tradition, of which he is a strong representative. He has made his mark with several major sacred choral works, most recently a St Matthew Passion, which was performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in spring 2014.

He received the Nordic Council Music Prize in 1984.

Over the years he has moved towards a neo-romantic style which is perfectly suited to the transparent but rich Nordic timbral universe of Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir and its conductor Mogens Dahl, to whom Sandström has dedicated several works.