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Thursday september 7th 2017



Golden Days Concert – Borups Folk High School, Copenhagen

In collaboration with Golden Days, author Bjørn Bredal and Borup Folk High School, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir present a concert in which the music, the song and the living word tell a love story whose focal point is Copenhagen, as Søren Ulrik Thomsen among others describes the city in his sensualized poems.

The music goes a long way with Liebeslieder by Johannes Brahms and sonnets by Claudio Monteverdi. Michael Strunge also appears as a true romantic, when love combined with poetry opens for a cosmic and boundary-exceeding experience – set in Bent Sørensen’s sparse and transparent chorusing.



Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643):
Ecco mormorar l´onde
O come è gran martire

Ib Nørholm (f. 1931):
Mine danske kilder
De lette skyer (Inger Christensen)
Wi saaes nu (Christine Brahe)
Fugleflokke (Poul Borum)
Innocens den liggende (Asger Pedersen)
Fadet fra Hangchou (Jørgen Gustava Brandt)

Lars Johan Werle (1926 – 2001):
Sonetto 292

Lars Johan Werle:
Sonetto Trentacinque

Carl Nielsen (1865 – 1931): Chaconne, op. 32 (piano)

Bent Sørensen (f. 1958):
En gang om dagen
I kurvestolen, i vintersolen
(lyrics: Søren Ulrik Thomsen)

Bent Sørensen:
4 Strungesange (lyrics: Michael Strunge)

Claudio Monteverdi: